Lista de juegos de TRS-80

Esta página es una simple lista de títulos que aparecieron en el mercado de la mano de diferentes compañías.
Estamos trabajando para que dentro de poco, todos los juegos tengan su própia imágen y ficha técnica individual.
Mientras tanto, esta lista sirve de referencia para conocer cuantos juegos se llegaron a crear para TRS-80

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Título Plataforma
Adventureland TRS-80
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai TRS-80
Adventurous English TRS-80
Airmail Pilot TRS-80
Android Nim TRS-80
Apple Panic TRS-80
Armored Patrol TRS-80
Asylum TRS-80
Atom TRS-80
Attack Force TRS-80
Bedlam TRS-80
Blockade TRS-80
Bowling TRS-80
Bugs From Outer Space TRS-80
Camel TRS-80
Castle Zhagwhar TRS-80
Clash TRS-80
Clowns and Balloons TRS-80
Colossal Cave Adventure TRS-80
Conquest of Chesterwoode TRS-80
Cosmic Fighter TRS-80
Cosmic Invaders TRS-80
Cyborg TRS-80
Dancing Demon TRS-80
Death Maze 5000 TRS-80
Death Trap! TRS-80
Defense Command TRS-80
Demon Seed TRS-80
Donkey Kong clone TRS-80
Downland TRS-80
Eliminator TRS-80
Eliza TRS-80
Empire TRS-80
Flying Saucers TRS-80
Football Manager TRS-80
Formula One TRS-80
Frogger TRS-80
Galactic Empire TRS-80
Galaxy Invasion TRS-80
Gobbleman TRS-80
Haunted House TRS-80
Hyper-Wurm TRS-80
Invaders! TRS-80
Invasion Force TRS-80
Kill-A-Pede TRS-80
Lost Colony TRS-80
Magic Carpet TRS-80
Meteor Mission II TRS-80
Microchess 1.5 TRS-80
Midway Campaign TRS-80
Monty Plays Monopoly TRS-80
Motorcycle Jump TRS-80
NukeWar TRS-80
Olympic Decathlon TRS-80
Othello TRS-80
Outhouse TRS-80
Penetrator TRS-80
Pinball TRS-80
Planet Miners TRS-80
Poker Pete TRS-80
Poltergeist TRS-80
Pong TRS-80
Pooyan TRS-80
Pyramid 2000 TRS-80
Rear Guard TRS-80
Reign of the Red Dragon TRS-80
Robot Attack TRS-80
Rogue TRS-80
Santa Paravia en Fiumaccio TRS-80
Scarf Man TRS-80
Sea Dragon TRS-80
Solar Search TRS-80
Space Escort TRS-80
Space Intruders TRS-80
Space Warp TRS-80
Star Trek TRS-80
Starfighter TRS-80
Starquest: Rescue at Rigel TRS-80
Stellar Escort TRS-80
Super Maze TRS-80
Super Nova TRS-80
Supreme Ruler TRS-80
T80-FS1 Flight Simulator TRS-80
Taipan! TRS-80
Temple of Apshai TRS-80
The Adventure Series TRS-80
The Dancing Fool TRS-80
The Datestones of Ryn TRS-80
Time Bandit TRS-80
Time Traveler TRS-80
Trade Wars TRS-80
Trucker TRS-80
Voyage of the Valkyrie TRS-80
Weerd! TRS-80
Worg TRS-80
Xenos TRS-80
Zaxxon TRS-80
Zork TRS-80